Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kitchen Before and After!!!

I am so thrilled that our kitchen is finally redone!  I've always hated the color of the cabinets.  Light pickled wood is just not for me.  I found a picture of a kitchen I loved with similar countertops to mine with white cabinets and a blue island, and that finally decided my plan for the kitchen.  Then I proceeded to procrastinate for months.  I bought the new hardware, thinking that might inspire me to get started.  Then I bought the paint, and let that sit in the garage for a month.  Finally, Dad finished building the beautiful new trim that raises the height of my cabinets to make them look much fancier, and that finally got me moving!  Now they are all done and I finally love my kitchen!

I love the blue island too. =)  The color is called Serenity, so it's perfect.  I just painted the sides and back though so if I change my mind about the color I don't have to repaint doors or drawers.  Never again is all I have to say about that =) And after I told Serenity the name of the color she said we should always keep it that color, she was so excited.  But I'm so happy I have a silly grin on my face every time I walk through the kitchen.

So here it is!

I LOVE the drawer pulls!

And here is the before:
Before we moved in

After Appliances

When it was green =)  This color allowed me to tolerate the cabinets for nearly three years =)

I still plan to paint the pantry door blue, and if they fit add drawers to the pantry to make it more functional.  And I'm going to order some new lighting for over the island soon.  Eventually we need to switch out the dishwasher and the faucet at least on the sink.  And I may want to get rid of the granite backsplash for something lighter in color.  But I'm content for now!  And if it were all done I'd probably get bored anyway. =) 

After the new microwave is installed and the new paint done.  Lambswool by Pratt and Lambert.  I decided I wanted the whole downstairs to be the same color since it's all open, and the neutral will let me switch out the accent color easily and quickly if I get the urge =)  I know, it's astonishing =)
I love my aqua ruffle curtains!  Or really cornices I guess, since they're just covering the blinds we never use. 
Magnet board is going to have to move to the hallway, I love the new island too much. =)

Friday, October 19, 2012


I have been MIA here for two months now!  I've got lots of projects I want to share, but I'm too busy crafting to want to post them =)  But I will quickly share some of the digital scrapbooking pages I've been making this month.  Snap My Life Creations, where I like to order my scrapbooks printed, is having a sale, and I'm trying to fill a book in time to take advantage of it!  At least it's motivated me to do some scrapbooking, I just now made my first pages for Donovan and he's 16 months old!!!!  I'm appalled!  At least now he has some and they're pretty =)