Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to Thanksgiving =)

Finally found something to be thankful with!  I have plenty of things to be thankful for, of course, but I’ve been waffling about what crafts to do with Serenity =)  This morning, she caught me going through my google reader, and caught sight of some traced Thanksgiving turkey handprints and said, “I want to make that duck!”  So we made Thanksgiving ducks, and after she looked at the picture again and realized it was actually a turkey, we made turkeys too.  And she actually colored the fingers!  She hasn’t been too interested in crayons before but she’s starting to get good with them.  This is a very exciting development, I may put it on my own Thankful Turkey!  She said she was thankful for leaves, her computer, Mama Daddy and Donovan, and school.  The first two she chose because they were sitting right in front of her.  As she continued to list stuff she could see (like Daddy’s water bottle) I explained that you are thankful for things that make you really happy, like family, friends, etc.  So she said she was thankful for Mama, Daddy, and her Donovan, and school.  Nice! 

I’m also thinking about doing these things:

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