Thursday, January 12, 2012

Onesie tie and vest

Onesie tie and vest

I did it!  Actually made something that I pinned.  I was always a little skeptical of the appliquéd tie onesies.  Very cute, but not actually that dressy looking.  Then I saw this one that had the vest as well, and I was sold!  I went shopping with my niece and she helped me pick out the perfect little gray corduroy fabric and the paisley print for the lining and tie. 

It was SO easy!  I just used steam a seam to iron the tie on, using this pattern.  Followed instructions on the vest from here at B is for Boy.

Then I had to have some pants, and I just drew around a pair of pants that fit Donovan already to do that.  I added some fake pockets to the back, which I think are my favorite part =) 

I’m so happy!  I finished this in one day of crafting for fifteen minutes at a stretch.  Such a quick and cute project!  I’m still glowing with happiness =) 

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