Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Digital Scrapbook Pages!

Well, I'm jumping right into the new year with digital scrapbooking!  I went back to check and I did zero pages for 2011!  I'm so far behind.  My friend Abbey has a great system where she just scrapbooks stories, so she can scrapbook anything she wants at anytime, but I just can't break through the concept of chronology.  So it's time to play catch up.  At least digitally.  I don't seem to want to work on paper scrapbooks by myself, so that will have to wait for another Girl's Weekend retreat.  But I'll share the two pages I did today!  I made one for Serenity's first pigtails, and another for the crafts we did last winter.  I'll list the crafts in case anyone wants some ideas for simple crafts to do this time of year!

1.) Shape Teddy Bear Valentine.  We did this with sticky foam and cardstock.  I cut out the shapes and she assembled them into a bear, using circles, ovals, triangles, and hearts.  She gave it to Daddy and spelled Love on it for him.
2.) Shamrock collage.  I just took a piece of contact paper, cut a shamrock out of middle of a piece of construction paper and took the outside to use as a border for the collage.  Then I gave her yellow, green, and white tissue paper to fill in the middle.  We used it for a suncatcher all spring!
3.) Fruit loops necklace.  Great lacing practice.  And very tasty.
4.) Marker painting.  I made a jungle in the living room, and as one of the crafts I had Serenity color a jungle with green and brown markers. We painted the marker with water to make it run and look more jungly. 
5.) Cardboard road.  I pull this out every now and again still when we're in need of an activity.  I drew the road for her WOW car, so it's a pretty wide road.  We keep adding more locations. We started with a pond and a farm, and I put Little People figures and her play barn on it so she had places to drive in her car.  Then she colored a garden and a zoo and added stickers. We've had mountains, parks, lots of different places.  It's perfect for a rainy day!
6.) Snowman out of cotton pads.  I use the flat circular cotton pads for washing my face (occasionally..when I have time for that kind of stuff =)  They made perfect snowmen!  We added snowballs and faces out of sticky foam =)
7.) Kazoo:  Saw this craft on Family Fun.  Make a kazoo!  Painting, decorating, and then music.  Great fun!
8.) Starting seeds:  I let her pick out her own seeds and we started them inside.  They really grew!  I was a little surprised because I let her take care of them herself, but they made it despite getting a LOT of love =)  We will definitely do this again this year, hopefully I give the garden a little more attention this year. 
9.)  Lollipop flowers: We made these for her Valentines last year.  I have no idea what we'll do this year, especially since she actually has a whole class to give them to!  We'll see!!
10.) Playdoh Snowmen: Just push googly eyes, buttons, and beads into play doh!  

And without further ado, here are the pages!  Hopefully I'll have many more soon!

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