Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth of July! Golf Cart Decorating

We celebrated our fourth of July a little early this year.  My mother has a cabin by a little lake that has a great fireworks celebration and fun family games!  The kids had a blast, literally!  They were both fascinated by the fireworks, which was very cool, especially since last year they fell asleep during the show.  Yes, both of them slept in my laps with booming fireworks all around. 

I wanted to share our entry into the golf cart decoration contest.  My plan for the cart pretty much centered on what was available at the dollar store.  We had such fun wrapping streamers, taping flowers on the cart, and playing.  We won second place.  First place had turned their cart into Uncle Sam, complete with a face and hat!  It was awesome, and I'm already brainstorming next years entry!

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