Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Playing with the Mail

Playing with the Mail

Serenity’s started showing some interest in the mail recently.  She loves to deliver presents that she wraps in whatever is handy, envelopes, scarves, bags, anything.  She also likes to check the mail in the mailbox.  So I made her a little mailbox out of cardboard that I then covered with sticky back foam (my favorite toddler craft tool =)  In the morning she woke up to a mailbox of her very own!

I wrote her two letters, and put a postcard inside that her grandma had sent her.  On one, I wrote out her address and drew a stamp so she could get used to seeing what letters really look like.  And I wrote it in letter format with a Dear Serenity, and a Love, Mama.  The other envelope just had her name and address and a little message telling her to use the stickers inside to decorate her mailbox! 

It was fun, and if she continues to enjoy it I will totally make her a little mail delivery bag, and maybe some fabric envelopes and Velcro stamps and oh, the possibilities are endless =) 

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