Sunday, June 5, 2011

Serenity’s Top Five Recent Library Choices

Serenity’s Top Five Recent Library Choices

The library is the one outing we just can't miss!  And not just because going weekly means we always have stuff that needs returning.  Serenity loves books, especially new ones!  Here are some of our favorite recent library finds!  

1.) She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain Jonathan Emmett
I grabbed this one on a whim, because she tends to like books we can sing with.  Well, it turned out to be hilarious!  The little girl coming around the mountain does crazy things like “Paint the whole town purple when she comes” and she “juggles with jello!”  Best of all, the book includes hand motions for the whole thing.  Since we returned it to the library, we haven’t stopped singing it and I often find her doing the motions on her own.  We are totally adding this to our library!

2.) Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems
We are longtime fans of the Pigeon series and this one was just as much fun!  I must have read it like fifty times in the two weeks before we took it back.  The little girl leaves her bunny at the Laundromat and when the family runs back to get it speaks her first words. Serenity loves the silly language the little girl uses at first and the hilarious pictures.

3.) Ballerina by Peter Sis
This was a small board book that turned out to be such fun!  The little girl loves to dance and pretends she’s dancing all kinds of wonderful ballets!  Each dance had a color associated with it, and then she did a rainbow scarf dance at the end.  Perfect for little girls that are obsessed with color, like mine, and for dancers!  She loved practicing her twirl. =)

4.) The Red Wagon by Renata Liwska
I read a recommendation on this book from Momformation, and she was completely right.  The pictures were beautiful, and all the things the little fox imagines as she’s using her wagon to run an errand for her Mom are wonderful!  She pretends her wagon is a spaceship, a construction vehicle, a boat, and many other things.  It sparked our imaginations too. 

5.) Funny Face by Nicola Smee
We picked this book up at the library on the way to register at the hospital, which took way longer than I expected.  But it was fine, because Serenity spent the entire time reading herself this book!  Each page has a picture of a different emotion that the baby in the story experiences.  Serenity especially loved making the “Surprise Face!”  The last page is a mirror which is always fun.  It was great for talking about emotions and to practice recognizing them!

And I just have to share this picture =)  She's started asking for a "bed book" to sleep with her every night.  Sometimes I hear her reading it to herself in the monitor, and here is what her Daddy found when he went to check on her last night =) 

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