Friday, July 15, 2011

Rainbow Party: Favors

The favors might have gotten slightly out of hand this year.  I’d already started collecting rainbow things, like Skittles, the rainbow dancing streamers, and jump ropes, when I came across a tutorial for a build your own tent kit.  Well, that was absolutely perfect with the rainbow tent I built for the party, and I knew Serenity would love to keep building rainbow tents at home!  So I made one for each family.  The kits include three large pieces of muslin that I dyed into rainbow colors and sewed loops to each corner.  That makes them easier to hook together!  I got clamps, clothespins, rope, suction cups and flashlights from the dollar store to complete each kit!  I hope all the kids have a blast building their tents!     


  1. that is so cute..
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  2. This is awesome! Love it!