Monday, July 25, 2011

Rainbow Party: Food

My sister very kindly offered to make all the food, since she knew I’d have trouble managing it with my newborn baby boy in tow.  Plus she’s an amazing chef!  She made lots of rainbow food, including a rainbow fruit pizza!  I found these little insulated lunch bags at the dollar store that were perfect to hold picnic lunches for all the kids!  We stuck with simple sandwiches, rainbow goldfish, and fruit for the kids lunches.  Oh, and rainbow colored Gatorade to drink.  Adults got a choice of Marinated Italian Veggie sandwiches, Chicken Salad or Turkey Wraps.  Then we of course had rainbow fruit and veggie trays, and colorful chips and salsa.  The desserts were lemon and strawberry cupcakes with bright rainbow icing, and a rainbow fruit pizza!  Desserts are our favorite part of birthdays, and these were particularly tasty.  =)

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