Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rainbow Party: Games and Activities

Games and Activities
Serenity’s favorite show of the year was probably Dora and Diego, so I thought I’d include a little game of Animal Rescuer.  I bought a few dozen inexpensive stuffed creatures from Oriental Trading company, which we scattered around the yard.  I hid the green and orange animals in really challenging spots and told the older kids that they were just allowed to find those, which made the game exciting for everyone.  With the help of some binoculars the kids could hunt for the animals, and if they wanted take them home to the rainbow tent.  I thought Serenity would probably want the animals to go to sleep on the pillows that match their color, she loves to put her animals down for naps.

I also collected a lot of backyard games that were rainbow colored that we already owned, including kick croquet, mini Frisbee golf, a parachute with colorful beach balls, and a ball pit with rainbow colored balls.  I also bought rainbow streamers for the kids to run around and dance with.  We ended up having a rainbow parade at the end with all the kids dancing around with the streamers. Such fun!

Fishing is a tradition on birthdays in Eric’s family, and we have done it at all Serenity’s parties.  My dad built us a little wooden dock, we put prizes out on a blue tarp for a pond, and we use a fishing pole we made out of bamboo.  The kids absolutely love this game, and get so excited for the prizes we get at the dollar store! 

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