Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Class Valentine Idea

We just delivered Serenity's class Valentines!  I thought it would be fun to make our own, and when I asked Serenity she wanted to make a picture for her classmates.  I didn't think,however, that she would be willing to sit and make all 24 that we needed individually. =)  So we made one picture, and then I scanned it into Photoshop and printed four to a page.

Then we taped a Smarties to each one.  They had already decorated their Valentine bags so when we got to school this morning we put one in each bag.  Serenity really wanted to put one in her own bag... so I'm not sure we quite get the idea behind this yet.  Ah well, lots more Valentine's Days to come. =) 

Here are pictures of the files I actually printed.  I made them a basic 4inch by 5inch square, and then trimmed the edges and cut them apart, printing on both sides of course. 
She wrote her own name!  I was so proud =)  Although looking at it now I hope her classmates or their parents can figure out who it's from ;) 

The turtle was made using all green hearts =)  We had tried this project a while ago when we checked out the My Heart is Like a Zoo book, but this time she was actually able to place and glue herself.  Then she colored grass for the turtle to eat, and some flowers, and some other things I can't identify.  I love how much her artwork is evolving!  It's fun to watch!!!

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