Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mail Bags for Valentine Post Office Party

The Mail Bags for the Valentine Party are done!!  Just in time as the party is tomorrow.  Serenity loves hers!  I’ll have to make sure it gets back in the pile with the rest.

The bags are SUPER simple.  I just cut a rectangle 26 by 12.5 out of some canvas.  I happened to have some of that on hand, and I thought the thick texture would be realistic for a bag like that.  Then I hemmed one short side.  Next, I folded up that side eight inches and sewed the sides of the bag.  Then I did a “pinch” where you open up the bottom so it looks like a triangle on each side and sew perpendicular to the hem.  Here’s a pic of that, I hope it makes it a little clearer, or you can Google it just like I did =) 
the pinch bottom to give it dimension

fold up eight inches

After that, I hemmed the rest of it, just a quick single fold on these.  Then I added a strap.  The strap is cut to 32 inches, so it can be worn on the shoulder or across the body.  At least a 3 year old can. =)  The strap is just grograin ribbon.  I’d planned on twill tape or that heavier strap but they didn’t have enough in red, and I just had to have red straps.  This was cheaper and works just fine! 

My last step was to use my Silhouette Vinyl to iron on the letters… more on that later today if I get time.  I have not yet found the words to describe my recent Silhouette experience.  At least not ones that aren’t four letters.  My Silhouette and I have issues.  We’re working on them. 

One very happy Mailman! 

She helped me make play mail to go inside.  I addressed postcards made of foam to the students, teachers, and some generic ones to Mama’s and Daddys.  Then I got envelopes and addressed them to each student, putting a contruction paper heart, a few stickers inside.  Serenity added a sticker as a stamp to each one.  Each mailbag is loaded with three pieces of mail, and there are lots of extras in the big mailbox.  I don’t imagine they will all get delivered, but hopefully it will be good for plenty of fun!

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