Monday, February 27, 2012

Instructions for Child’s Toolbelt

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Instructions for Child’s Toolbelt

This project was so easy and fun!  I bought a nice heavy brown fabric, not quite as stiff as canvas or duck cloth, but very sturdy because I thought it would be more realistic.  I used cotton web belting in bright colors for the belt and the loops.  Then all I needed was a little bit of Velcro to attach it! 

I made three pockets, each a little different. 

For the middle pocket, cut fabric 9 inches by 4.5 inches.  I hemmed one short side and folded it and hemmed again so no raw edges showed.  Then I folded it up 3 ¼ inches, right sides together, and sewed up the sides.  Then I did a pinch hem like I did on the mailbags here, to give this pocket a little dimension.  This one was just ½ inch from the point.  Then I turned under the raw edges  on the sides above the pocket and sewed those so no raw edges showed.  Then I folded the top back and hemmed that.  Then I sewed it to the middle cotton belting (which I cut to 30 inches).  I put it in the middle of the belt from the top and the bottom too, because I wanted a bit of the color to show above the pockets on the belt.  This pocket was sized for the measuring tape from our play toolkit, or a very small real one eventually. 

The left pocket (as you’re facing the belt) has the loop for a hammer.  This is just six inches of the web belting sewn into the hem on the left side of the pocket.  This pocket was cut 15 inches by 5.5 inches.  No pinch hem on this one, just hem one short side, fold it up 6 inches (right sides together) and sew the sides up.  With the loop for the hammer in one side.  Then roll over the raw sides above the pocket and hem.  Then hem the top.  I tried to make the top the same on all three pockets so the opening of all three pockets is in a straight side.  So just fold it as much as it needs to be to match the first one. 

The last pocket begins the same as the hammer pocket.  Double hem the short side, then we sew on the embellishments.  I made a little pleated pocket by cutting a 4.5 inch square.  Then I hemmed it all around.  Then I made a pleat so the pocket ends up being just three inches, and it has some nice dimension so it can hold pliers or play nails or whatever.  Then stitch it to the front of the pocket.  Then cut a little strip of belting, 2.5 inches long.  I fold under the edges and stitch it to the pocket, making sure it wouldn’t fall into the seam.  This means it sticks out a little bit so it’s easy to stick a screwdriver in. 

Finish that pocket like the hammer pocket, fold it up seven inches, hem the sides, fold right side out and hem the sides above the pocket.  Hem the top, then attach it to the belt! 

Just add some Velcro and you’re done!  I hope this tutorial is clear enough, it’s really very easy and forgiving.  Any kind of pockets will work great!  =)  
Serenity wanted her tool belt to be pink =)

Turns out it's also a handy place to carry your magic wand =)

These are so much fun to make I'm going to make an extra to give to one of my followers!  Just leave a comment below saying you're following me or subscribed to my rss feed!  I'll choose someone at random next Monday!  Oh, and pick a color for the belt =)  


  1. Cute belt :-) I subscribe! And have a daughter who likes pink and has no place so far to carry her magic wand!
    BTW do you have an etsy store? You should if you don't already :-)

  2. Woo ... giveaway! Henry would love wearing this as it'll fit better than the plastic one he has.

  3. I have cute kids who like tools. Nate likes green!

  4. Oh my goodness is this cute, my son would love this! Please stop over and share this cute project at Mix it up Monday:

    I hope to see you soon :)

    1. Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

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  6. Hi Chrissie,

    Love your tool belt idea! I now have your site on my iGoogle homepage.

  7. This is adorable! I love the contrasting color for the edging! Thanks for sharing at my party!

  8. Cute! I have a feeling I will be making one of these at some point for my Little Man! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  9. Giveaway closed! Mpooh wins =)