Monday, April 16, 2012

80's Gala Centerpiece

I've been on a crafting craze this last month or so and I've gotten so far behind on sharing!  I'm sorry and I'll try to do a post a day for a while to catch up.  So here is a little eye candy for those of you that still totally love the 80's!

My sister's in charge of a fundraiser for our school with an 80's theme, so we wanted to do some fun centerpieces.  Serenity and I went hunting for branches, I painted them bright yellow and hot glued them into a brick to hold them up.  Then I added the slinkies!  It's about four feet tall, so nice and dramatic, for almost no money!  Slinkies from the dollar store and oriental trading, some paint, and a dollar cereal bowl from Target is the whole cost on this.  Around 5 dollars a table.

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