Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crafting with Serenity

I've been having so much fun lately trying out all the great ideas I've seen around blogland that I haven't had time to share them!  Worst of all, I seem to have lost most of the links for where I saw them originally, although I think most of them come from Teach Preschool.  But I'll share our pics anyway!

Serenity saw this ad from Jo-Ann's and said, lets get supplies and make this right now!!!  I love that she was so confident we could figure out a way to make anything.  I wasn't ready to teach her crochet just yet, so we decided to use the picture as inspiration for a painting, and this is what we ended up with!  Such fun and she was so proud of it.

Colorful hand prints =)  She rubbed her hands together to practice color mixing.

She wrote me a note!  I am SO excited to start adding words to our projects. Scrapbooking is surely on the horizon!

Marble painting

Winter Tree

Spring Tree

Summer Tree

Fall Tree

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