Monday, April 16, 2012

My Fireplace

To continue with the crafty catch up, here's my Fireplace!  I posted a very pitiful Photoshopped version of my fireplace.  Then one day, I took the plunge!  I went to Lowes and picked up a quart of Kilz primer and went to town on it!  The change is amazing!  I think it's the first redecorating project that my husband has actually said, "It looks so much better!" Normally he's more in the "I'm happy you're happy" camp, but he actually really loves this!  So here's the before and after:

Before: Nasty nasty bronze, red bricks.  It was just soooo busy when you looked at it with my desk and everything we had in that room. 

And now nice and white! Goodbye Bronze!  Hello clean and simple. =)

Yeah, I still need to clean the glass on the doors.  But if it was perfect I'd have nothing to distract me from staring at my computer screen =)

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