Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Giraffe Quilt... with Ribbons!

I’ve been staring at a blank blog long enough. I just couldn’t decide where to begin! So I’m just going to post several articles just to get things rolling, one for each general category I plan to write about. So first, here is a baby quilt I made for my friend Jennie. She loves giraffes, can you tell?
Lately I am all about texture when it comes to baby blankets, so I mixed minkee fabric, flannel, cotton, and fleece. I also added little ribbon loops to give the baby some more textures to grab! I just love Taggies and it’s so easy to add them to an appliqué project. The quilt itself is just half square triangles. Pinwheel patterns are one of my favorites =) Then I used fusible webbing to attach the fleece giraffe, and I sewed a running stitch around it with embroidery floss.

I didn’t take step by step photos, but this is a really basic design, so here’s what I did.
1.) Sew the quilt top. I used 5.5 inch half square triangles, and I just google half square triangles to figure out what size squares to start with to end up with the right size. I have to do this every time, I can never remember! Then just arrange the half square triangles into a pinwheel pattern. Then you end up with about a 40 by 50 quilt.
2.) Baste the ribbon into loops. I tried to pick all colors and textures of ribbon for variety =)
3.) Iron the wonder under onto the back of the appliqué. And try to face it the right way. I didn’t. At least the first time.
4.) Iron the giraffe onto the quilt, after arranging the tags as you like. I made my tags into a little mane and tail.
5.) Do a running stitch to help secure the appliqué and because it’s cute!
6.) I just layered my backing, batting and quilt and tied it. Easy! Then I used my sewing machine to apply the binding.

Oh, and as another example of the awesomeness of taggies, here is a pic of my baby with the taggies ball she gave Daddy for his first father's day. Ok, she was still in my tummy at the time, but that didn't stop Daddy from playing ball with the baby (bouncing it off Mama =)

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