Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toddler Crafts: Making Gingerbread Men

Serenity, my daughter, loves to do crafts with Mama!  She’s just over two, so we have to get a little creative with our projects to make them work for her.  One of her recent favorites was making Gingerbread Men!  I used sticky back foam and our Christmas cookie cutters to trace and cut out the gingerbread man shape.  (I do all the cutting right now, I don’t think she’s quite old enough yet.)  Then I cut out an assortment of shapes for Serenity to use for eyes, noses, and buttons.  She placed her gingerbread men on a sheet of cardstock, and then chose shapes and placed them herself!  It was great practice for where eyes, noses, and mouths go, and great color and shape practice too!  I think next time we do this I’ll get a silver tray from the dollar store that looks like a real cookie sheet, and we’ll read a story to go with it!  Maybe this one!

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