Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Design: Serenity's Dress Up Corner

Well those last few spaces in my house that I hadn’t yet painted were calling my name, so I decided to finally do the little changes I planned to Serenity’s closet.  I removed the bi-fold closet doors.  Not only did they take up a ton of space and block the way to the secret room, I worried about her pinching her fingers in them.  Plus, they stayed open nearly all the time anyway.  So, in order for it not to drive me crazy, I had to paint over the dirty beige that I had covered everywhere else in the house.  I painted a lighter blue than her room since it’s such a small space, and it made a huge difference!  It’s so much more inviting!  And then, in the right corner, I created a dress-up area for her.  She’s just getting to the age that she really enjoys the costumes I’ve begun to collect for her.  I put in some hooks, a tub to hold her accessories, and her favorite addition, the mirror!  It’s so cute to see her put on an outfit and model it in the mirror =) And so, without further ado, the before and after.

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