Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Parties: A Princess Presto Tea Party! (Super Why)

***I added a tutorial for the book club tent!
*** I added a tutorial for the Super Reader Photo Board!
*** I added a tutorial for the photo backdrops!
*** I added a tutorial for the capes

For Serenity’s second birthday of course the theme had to center around Super Why, her favorite show, favorite books, and favorite toys.  Oh yes, we have the whole SuperWhy lineup, which isn’t actually that many things so I had to make a lot myself.  Which was why it was fun! 

To begin, as they entered the party every kid got to transform into superheroes!  (As they do in every show to solve the problems!)  I had made a bunch of capes in satin and provided lots of sticky foam for the kids to decorate them with!  Then there were the superhero accessories, like glittery wands, crowns, various helmets, and tools.  Everyone loved this part!  Some of the older ones came back to decorate more later. =)  Even Serenity wore her cape and crown for a little while!  I made hers with a little felt appliqué.  I can do a tutorial on that later! 


After they transformed into super heroes, the kids came in and found the book club!  In the show, this is where the characters meet to solve problems.  I made this myself from an old duvet cover and a lot of wonder under and felt!  One side has a door with detachable pencils to mimic the look of the book club.  The back has a big book with felt letters that Serenity uses to write words!  One side has a window and some pockets that were supposed to hold books, but they tend to fall out so smaller things work better.  And the last side has a little paper doll princess with accessories that can be switched out!  I’ll do a full tutorial on how I did this if there’s interest =) 

Next up was the tea party aspect of the party.  Serenity loves a good tea party, and one of the Super Readers, Princess Presto, does too!  So we made an elaborate tea party with centerpieces, a fancy feather boa wreath, and a princess chair!  Serenity helped me decorate tea cups.  We also had fancy tea party fare for the food, little sandwiches cut into hearts, sand tarts, and strawberry shortcake. 

The kids favorite activity involved finding Super Letters.  Using my friend Jennie’s cricut (oh how I covet that particular toy!) I cut out red sparkly letters that spelled Happy Birthday, and then made a big board with Velcro so I could hide the letters and assemble the sign as the kids found them.  They LOVED this game!  It was amazing, they were so excited as they found each letter and brought it to me.  After we made the sign they wanted to do it again, so Eric stole letters and kept hiding them throughout the party! 

We also staged some fancy superhero photos with canvas backdrops I painted and a huge photo wall with cutouts.  My dad built it of course, and I painted the mural using his projector.  The older kids loved sticking their faces in so they could be Super Readers in the Why Flyers.  For younger kids, I recommend putting up a big mirror so they can see themselves right away in the photo.  The little ones just wanted to play with the front side of the mural, they didn’t quite get it.  But it was a blast!!!

We also did our traditional fishing, but that deserves another post. 
Whew!  It was an awesome party!  My favorite compliment came from my nephew, Barrett, who said “Aunt Chrissie sure knows how to throw a good Super Why party.”  He also plans to name one of his children after me.  Oh yeah, he’s four by the way.  Love that kid =) 


  1. how fun!!! I like the princess chair, alot!!!! I've got a little princess who will be celebrating a birthday soon too!!! thanks for sharing some great ideas, got my wheels turning, lol

  2. this is a very cute theme for a party, you did a great job!

  3. Amazing party! I can't believe you made capes for everyone. How fun.

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  4. Adorable! Fantastic Details! All your parties look like so much fun! Love them all! I look forward to following your blog!


  5. You have such creative, fun ideas for your children's parties, In the photos, It looks like she was really enjoying her party, as were her guests!

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