Monday, April 4, 2011

Superhero Photo Backdrops

I still have more details to blog about Serenity's Princess Presto Tea Party!  

I made two different kinds of photo backdrops for this party.  I’ll start with the simplest first!  I bought a big dropcloth from the hardware store and painted it to resemble the backdrop that comes on whenever the Super Readers transform into their superhero selves.  I chose Wonder Red’s backdrop and Princess Presto’s backdrop, as they match the party colors best (pink, purple, and red!)  It was pretty easy to paint.  The dropcloth soaks up so much paint it’s a really good idea to prime it with cheap white paint first.  Then I just took regular acrylic paint and painted the swirls and spirals!  For Wonder Red’s little purple spirals, I found it easiest to paint those on a separate piece of cotton duck cloth and then hot glue it to the background.  Much easier than trying to paint around them =)  I like using a roller whenever possible! 

To hang them I just stapled a one by to the top of the back and draped it over a fence so it’d hang to the ground to highlight my little superheroes!  They LOVED posing in the costumes and capes!  To read more about all the supplies I collected check out the original Superhero Tea Party post!

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  1. Oh my goodness--how fun! You are a genius! I'll be linking on Thursday--please stop by! ;)