Monday, April 4, 2011

More Superhero Photo Backdrops

Photo Board:
The second photo backdrop was a little more complex to make!  My dad and I bought a huge piece of plywood and painted a picture of all the Super Readers in their Why Flyers.  Then my Dad, using his jigsaw, carefully cut out oval shapes for the faces of each Super Reader.  He added hinges so that we could put the faces back.  (that was in case there were pictures with fewer than four children, so there wouldn’t be creepy headless Super Readers.)  The windows turned out to be my daughter’s favorite part, all the little kids preferred the front side of the photo board to the back. =)  Dad built a simple frame out of two by fours on the back to make it more stable, and added feet to make it stand up.  It was a big hit!  And it’s still hanging in my backyard, and she still loves visiting the Super Readers =) 

** Here’s my best tip if you want to have your own photo booth for young kids, set up a mirror so they can see what they look like.  They were much more excited to poke their head through the window when they could actually see themselves as Superheroes!  For more party details, check out the original post for the Super Why Birthday!

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