Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue Room Evolution

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were playing musical rooms in our house =)  Things are finally coming together!  We moved our bedroom from upstairs into the actual master bedroom of our house, which is painted a blue that I love.  It’s really nice being next to the big closet and the bathroom we actually use, who would have thought!   In order to change it from an office to a bedroom, we had to do a lot of rearranging. 
Before... I don't have a great pic of the room as an office!  Basically a biiiig desk and toys.  Then the piano came.

The office furniture moved out, and then our bed came down.  I had a crazy time trying to fit our piano, bed, and blue recliner all in this room.  It’s even harder when you’re eight months pregnant and really not supposed to move the big furniture even though your brain is telling you it MUST move. But finally I got a layout I love, and the room is all organized.  So now it’s time for the fun part, new projects!
We get a lot of help with projects =)

Looks pretty nice... but then we had to deal with the recliner!

Furniture layout disaster!  The chair totally blocks the door... and drove me crazy.  Eric and Serenity didn't really care =)

Much better (still messy)

I really wanted that chair in the corner, so glad it fit!

Of course I didn’t like the bedding with the wall color, so I got this new set from  It’s great!  I still need to get new sheets for it, but I picked up a set of plain white jersey sheets from Target today so that’s nearly done.  I had to rehang all the artwork once we finalized the room layout. 

And now, to reveal my biggest project for this room: a gallery wall!  This post is really long now though so I'll add it to the next!

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