Saturday, April 9, 2011

Secret, Clean, and Empty! All fantastic words =)

Today was a fantastic day!!!  I got to DUST!!  Dusting is always bizarrely satisfying for me, but between nesting and pregnancy impulses and the fact that the dust was an inch thick due to the construction, I was in high heaven!  Dad finished Serenity’s new secret room that he was building in the little attic space behind her closet, so we finally started emptying the purple room to get it ready for her!  Eric and I dusted, vacuumed, and I directed traffic as he moved all the junk that had collected in that room to slightly more proper locations. 

The new secret room is amazing by the way!  It’s even better than the first one!  The entryway is higher so I don’t have to crawl in, it has bench seating on one side, and there is a window!  Dad truly outdid himself this time.  She loves it already!  Her initial reaction to the room was to jump all over it yelling, “I’m bouncing in my secret room!!!!!!” (All those exclamation points are necessary, believe me. =)  We’re trying to call it the hideaway to distinguish it from the old secret room, but I keep slipping.

Even Serenity helped dust!

View of the secret room, and the closet doors are gone!

Nicely Painted

All the mess Eric had to move...
And so, another checkmark on the to-do list!  Oh, and while we had the white paint out, I took down the closet doors so we could do touch up there too!  So make that two checkmarks! Tomorrow I will be able to post about decorating!!! Or maybe even later on tonight ;)

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