Monday, April 11, 2011

ABC I love U art!

I saw this picture here at and knew Serenity HAD to have it for her room.  She’s been obsessed with letters since her first birthday.  I made it in photoshop and framed it, super quick and easy.  I just typed in the letters in a simple font, duplicated the layer, and then colored the top layer pink and the other purple, erasing the letters that I wanted to have in purple.  Then I used the heart shape tool to draw the heart over the o, and clipped in digi-scrapbooking paper from The Shabby Princess.  It's not hung yet but it's ready! 

And here is the updated to-do list with all my lovely checkmarks!  Getting closer!
1.)    Paint and finish new secret room
2.)    Paint Serenity letters
3.)    Remove Closet doors and paint trim
4.)    Make some sort of art display, maybe clipboard
5.)    ABC I love U art
6.)    Hang letters and lanterns (probably above wherever I decide the bed goes.  Oh, and the bed has new pink sheets!!!)
7.)    Organize closet
8.)    Get hinges for dollhouse door
9.)    Consider new chair or other seating???
10.)                        Sew and dye curtains
11.)                        Paint bookshelf pink and secure to wall (Now think I’m going to buy this**)

1 comment:

  1. That is some working plan .... for me, that would be a week at least... Enjoy the work ☺