Sunday, April 10, 2011

Purple Room Toys

Here’s a glimpse of my plan for the right corner of her room.  I can’t stand a lot of clutter, so my general plan is to rotate in her toys, especially the large ones.  So in the right corner of her room, I have several choices for what to put out.  Right now we have her book club tent which I made her for her second birthday.  But when she stops playing with that, I can put her dollhouse here, maybe on her little white table.  Or we can set up her table for tea party time!  (Which happens nearly every day at our house. =)   The book club folds flat for storage, her dollhouse also fits on the right side of her closet or in her secret room, which is where she wants it now, and the little white table also has a place downstairs it can fit.  So nothing is cluttered and she gets a little variety in her toy selection too.  I find she spends a lot more time with toys that disappear occasionally. =) 

Oh, and I got her name letters hung!!!  So since we decided against adding another chair, and we bought a bookshelf, all that is left to do in her room is to make curtains and make some sort of art display!  And then I can start to imagine new things.  Like a rug….