Saturday, April 9, 2011

Purple Room Stage One!

We had moving day!  Serenity is officially moved into the purple room now.  She loved every step of it, from discovering the new pink sheets that I’d purchased for her bed (from Pottery Barn Teen, I love that I could just order fitted sheets since that’s all I really needed.)  to the crazy new collection of star lanterns on her ceiling!  She particularly liked the one with the moon cutouts, and then she said the flower one was her favorite.  I may eventually light these, but that is still a major debate as I don’t want to deal with a ton of cords all over the place, especially not near her bed.  I still need to hang her newly painted name letters over her bed but under the stars, but it’s a good step! 

Here is the bed all made… or as made as I imagine it ever will be.  Her monkey blanket is here, as well as the Dora pillow I made while waiting on construction to finish.  I also added her pink teddy and purple unicorn because they matched the colors.  But in case you think that’s just something I do, let me assure you that my daughter refuses to go to bed with non-matching things.  If she decides it’s a night to sleep with her yellow duck, Quack, or her blue teddy, we will be getting out her flower pillow and butterfly blanket, which have primary colors in them.  She is completely obsessed with matching, which is hilarious and fun!  


  1. Waauuu what a princess room.... looking forward to see the next steps ☺

  2. Love that purple! This room is going to be super cute, I'm going to check back for the finished project. I love those stars. I featured you today on my kids room roundup :)