Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Bunny Rescue =)

Our Easter festivities began on Saturday morning with a bunny scavenger hunt.  Serenity loves rescuing animals (yay Diego) so we thought she’d enjoy looking for all her bunnies!  Eric wrote out the clues, and we hid ten bunnies in different spots with an Easter egg filled with three jelly beans.  At first she ate jelly beans every time she got to an egg, and I began to get alarmed, but she was very agreeable about saving some for later and sharing some with Mama and Daddy.  She read all the clues by herself, and found the bunnies too! =)  It was so much fun!  Here are the clues Eric made: 

Bunnies like carrots, go where they grow.
Go to the chair where Daddy makes the bridge.
Go to the stairs where you play ball.
Go to the table where you play Daddy games.
Go to the table where you craft with Mama.
Go to your hideaway.
Go to where you take a bath.
Go to the baby swing.
Super reader, go to the bookclub.
Go to the X-men board game.
Go to where you play play-doh with Mama.

They all led to Serenity’s Easter basket, with was filled with a book by Kevin Henkes, Little White Rabbit, which we love already, colored bubbles (that it’s been too wet to use yet) a slinky, some pixie stix, mini lindt chocolate bunnies, a few more eggs with jelly beans, and a Peep bunny made by Mama!.  She loved the bunny =)  She collected all her animals in the rocking chair, and gave names to those that didn’t have names yet with the help of her Daddy.

Later that day we colored eggs.  I’d gotten a set from Target that included stickers and wings to turn them into butterflies.  Serenity’s favorites were the azul eggs. =)  She did much better this year about not dropping the eggs into the dye, so most of them were edible (for Daddy.)  She played with the butterflies for a long time!  

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