Thursday, April 7, 2011

Secret Room! 2.0

Serenity’s Purple and Pink room is starting to come together!!!  The first and biggest change was adding a new secret room in the attic space behind her bedroom.  My dad, who is an amazing carpenter and loves projects just like I do, designed and built it for her.  It’s even more amazing than the last little nook he built into the attic, because it has a bench seat AND a window!  (and fully insulated, air conditioned, with electricity =)  And the door is just enough taller that I can get in without crawling, which is so nice.  Serenity is going to be thrilled!  Once she goes back upstairs… I may have emphasized a little too strongly that she was not to go upstairs while Papa was working because there were dangerous tools.  She listened, but now she won’t go upstairs at all unless I walk in front of her =)  Oh well, better safe than sorry!  The first coat of paint is going on the new room as we speak, and once that’s done there’s nothing stopping Serenity’s big move into the purple room!  Here’s the list of the other plans I have!

Serenity’s New Room:
1.)    Paint and finish new secret room
2.)    Paint Serenity letters
3.)    Remove Closet doors and paint trim
4.)    Make some sort of art display, maybe clipboard
5.)    ABC I love U art
6.)    Hang letters and lanterns (probably above wherever I decide the bed goes.  Oh, and the bed has new pink sheets!!!)
7.)    Organize closet
8.)    Get hinges for dollhouse door
9.)    Consider new chair or other seating???
10.)                        Sew and dye curtains
11.)                        Paint bookshelf pink and secure to wall

I got to dust and vacuum up there this afternoon, it was really cathartic.  I love cleaning, especially now =)  And oh baby, organizing is next!!!


  1. I'm sure it will be amazing-- is a lot of painting for a pregnant person though so I'm hoping you have a helper of some kind.

  2. Oh, I'm not doing any of the painting =) All I did was dust and vacuum. I'm sooo grateful for all my help!