Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Wreath =)

Well, I think it still counts as fall at least, my trees still have some leaves, so this isn't too late.  My friend Abbey hosted a great wreath making party.  They all made holiday wreaths but I just couldn't justify buying new supplies when I had this project all planned out!  I had been wanting to make a big letter W for our front door, and when I saw this tutorial on the Thrifty Decor Chick, I thought I could adjust it to work for mine!  I admit my leaves are not from the dollar store, they are from Jo-Ann's, but I got them last year when Fall stuff went on 90% off so it was still a good deal =)  And here is the result!

A little x-acto knife on a foam board, some hot glue and voila!  =)  Very easy!  I haven't decided if I want it on the front door or on my mantel, we'll see.  I got some chocolate satin to hang it with. 


  1. I don't trust you with hot glue :-)

  2. I like this project a lot. I've seen some "decor" letters that were just far beyond the time I wanted to spend...but this one seems do-able! Thanks for sharing.