Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Boy Quilt with Kites and Pinwheels!

 I can't believe I'm due in two weeks and I've just now finished a baby quilt for my baby boy!  Just barely in time, and I have several more things on my list to do for him!  But at least he has something his Mama and Grandma made. =)  I suffered from a lot of indecision and construction woes, but now it's done!
  I used the adorable Dr. Seuss fabrics they have available right now, and I love how colorful and fun it turned out!  Just a simple flying goose pinwheel, with a kite appliqued to the back

The overall nursery theme will still be storybook, just like Serenity's which I wrote about here and here, because I still want to use the ABC Storybook art I used, but I plan to make some special things for him, particularly with Curious George!!!  BUT, the room isn't done, so that may have to wait until he's born.  He'll be in a cradle in our room at first anyway. =) 


  1. What a sweet gift for your soon-to-be little guy! I LOVE the little kite on the back--I always love when quilts have a design on the back as well. Lovely quilt!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. What a wonderful gift for your baby boy!

  3. That's adorable! I love the Dr. Suess fabric and I love pinwheel blocks!