Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Garden!

My Garden!

Well, my system for the garden this year is benign neglect =)  I’m sure other people continue to garden at nine months pregnant, but my nesting seems to focus on the inside of the house.  I did have a few successes though!

Early in the year, the tulip bulbs I planted in my cutting garden came up beautifully!  I loved showing Serenity how to cut them (down lower on the stem than when she picks flowers) and put them into water so they live longer. 

The next major excitement was my strawberry patch!  Last year, when I first planted them, I only got maybe a dozen strawberries.  This year we got a huge crop!  Serenity was especially thrilled, and learned quickly to pick just the red ones.  There were plenty of those for her to choose from, I got three or four bowls like this full over several weeks!  She liked them best straight out off the plant though. =)

I was pleasantly surprised that this clematis bloomed beautifully!  I was worried it wouldn’t get enough light, but that’s one experiment that turned out well. 

And now, in my cutting garden, I have a beautiful crop of larkspur and cosmos.  I had the larkspur last year, thanks to my friend Abbey’s mom that sent me lots of seed packets to start my garden.  They make great vase flowers, and they grow so easily!  The cosmos make a nice focal flower, and since they bloomed together I was especially happy that the colors look nice together. =)  I wish the hydrangea was blooming to go with it!  This cutting garden experiment will take a while to iron out! 

I think I’d like to plant something else that Serenity can eat out of the garden, maybe later in the fall.  Any suggestions?  Watermelon?  A pumpkin plant?   

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