Sunday, May 15, 2011

DIY Attic Playroom

My dad, the builder of the fantastic hideaway for Serenity’s bedroom, has been converting our attic into a playspace/storage area (or possibly a nursery for the new baby, we still haven’t decided and he’ll be here in two weeks!!!)  Dad has done an amazing job with a very strange space!  The ceilings are angled, nothing was square, all designed to drive a person crazy =)  He put in plywood flooring, built walls, added insulation, and put up all the sheet rock!  We had some guys come in to mud, but other than that, he did it all!  It turned into a great space, with fun little nooks and lots of storage areas.  Oh, and one side has the new heater/ac unit that we had put in so that our house is zoned!  It is SO nice already.  Before the upstairs was always too hot, and the old unit had to work all the time to try and cool it.  And at the same time, the downstairs was cold.  Now it’s all just right, and much more energy efficient!  I didn’t get many along the way pictures because I couldn’t climb up the ladder into the attic, so until he cut the door I didn’t get any!  And then I was preoccupied keeping Serenity away from the construction zone.  But before, it was just rafters and beams, rickety flooring, and nails coming through the ceiling from the roofing!  And now it’s a great space with lots of potential fun!!! 

We cut a hole in the wall of Serenity's former bedroom to reach the attic behind it.  We had to have the wall on the left because of where the ductwork is, but once you walk past that it opens up into a great space!  I think I like it this way, makes it seem more like an adventure =) 

I love all the angles, although they drove Dad crazy to work with!

Behind this door is the new heater, but I think this corner would make a great little reading nook!

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  1. i can't believe the work that he's done so far! can't wait to see what it turns into! following you now. stop over and say hi and give me a follow if you'd like. andiejaye@