Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pinwheel Pinwheel Spinning Around...

Waaay back when we were in a serious sleep training mode, we bought a mobile for Serenity’s crib that had a remote control option.  It didn’t really help her sleep but it sure beat having to wind up the mobile all the time.  It was fish themed though which really doesn’t go with my storybook/Curious George plans for this baby.  So I made something to replace the fish!  Pinwheels!  These are all over the place now, and so easy to make.  I just used the fast2fuse because that’s what I had out, although a lighter weight fusible interfacing would probably have been better.  This worked though and I was in a “get it done” mood.  Strange what the doctor telling you, he could come any day now, does to your brain. =)  Then you just cut along the diagonals slightly past halfway from the corner toward the middle, and fold up every other side to the middle.  Easy peasy!  And I think it will be cute once it’s installed!  I made a six inch, a 5.5 inch, and a 5 inch pinwheel... mostly because that is the size I could get from my remnants of interfacing. =) 

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  1. Great idea to make it a mobile!! My daughter is having a circus bday party this summer and these would be perfect!! Thanks for sharing!