Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gingerbread House Party

December is crazy, I'm so sorry for not posting for a week!  But I have a great one for today, we had a great Gingerbread House Party!  Here are the details!

I invited Serenity's class over to decorate gingerbread houses.  I realized as I was making the bases that I’d never decorated a gingerbread house before!  And just like my mother, the very first time I made ten of them.  Yay for mass production!  Here’s how I set it up:

I built the bases for the gingerbread houses by cheating, as my friend Andrew would say.  Hooray for hot glue!  I figure no one really wants to eat graham crackers that sit out for days anyway =)  I bought cardboard cake rectangles and cut them in half to make 7 by 10 inch boards.  Then I hot glued graham crackers to make the base.  I read a tip from here at One Charming Party about microwaving the graham cracker wrapped in a wet paper towel for 15 seconds, and it definitely made it easier to cut it without breaking the cracker.  I got too lazy for it after a while, so it can be done both ways.  I cut the pattern for my roofline on a piece of cardstock so that I got the angles the same on the front and back.  I cut about a fifth of the graham cracker off the side pieces so that the roof had a nice overhang. 

The special details that everyone loved included getting sugar cones and green icing for Christmas trees.  Serenity especially loved this and covered her tree with mini M&M and Skittles ornaments.  And she used mini gummy fruit slices for presents under the tree.  Next, I got supplies to make snowmen out of marshmallows.  Big marshmallows, toothpicks, and edible markers.  Finally, I found little gingerbread cookie people!  Pepperidge farm makes a set of these, and the kids loved adding them to their little houses. 

In addition to all that, I bought a ton of candy!  I think next year I’ll buy different candy knowing what I know now.  With the graham crackers especially, the houses are pretty small.  So the big gumdrop bells, Butterfinger bells, ribbon candy, nougats, and even the hershey’s kisses were a bit too big.  We used a couple maybe each, but they weren’t the most fun.

The best candies were the mini M&Ms, and someone brought little tiny candy balls in all different colors.  They looked just like lights!  Next year I’ll totally buy the M&Ms not in a Christmas mix, they’re cuter with more colors.  The mini fruit slices were awesome, and tiny gumdrops.  The mini candy canes were cool too, but since they came in a box of 60 I imagine I’ll still have some for next year.  Oh, and I nearly forgot the Christmas Crunch.  The cereal made cute decorations, and was lightweight and just the right size =)  I also got Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which I forgot to use but I still think would be cute.

I had the icing ready in Ziploc baggies for piping, and that worked great just like at our Cookie Party.  And green icing in a bowl with popsicle sticks to spread it. 

And that was it! I had some cardboard boxes for people to take home their creations.  Next year I might buy cellophane so they can wrap it and tie it closed with curly ribbon.  I could only make so many trips to Target for things I’d forgotten this year =)  Next year I’ll have a list to work from! 


  1. Aw! That looks like such fun! And they turned out so cute! Would you consider sharing here? Pretty please?

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