Friday, December 30, 2011

Serenity and Donovan's Christmas Book List

Grandma gave us some Christmas money, so we took it to Barnes and Noble to get some new books to add to our library!  We love going to the library every week for new books, but I just love adding new ones to our collection as well. =) 

Serenity told me she wanted a Fancy Nancy book, a new Backyardigans book, and an Elephant and Piggie book.  She pretty much stuck to that list, with a few additions.  We got Bonjour Butterfly, and since then we've been practicing our butterfly communication =)  She chose I Broke My Trunk from the Elephant and Piggie books, which was fun as we'd never read it, and it is hilarious as are all Mo Willems books.  I would buy all of his if I could afford it, they are so much fun to read!  We read the Elephant and Piggie books together, each taking different characters.  So funny!  We also got Knuffle Bunny Free, which was a little poignant to me, but just still a funny story for Serenity.  We had a Dora book, but when I told her she'd reached her limit and would have to switch out books if she wanted something else, she came across Dinosaurs Love Underpants and gave up Dora for that, which was a big surprise.  Another hilarious book!  We got Donovan a bath book.  I feel a little bad sometimes that we don't buy him much of anything, but we really have every baby toy I consider important and tons of board books.  Plus, he's still at the age where his favorite toy is the water bottle we filled with paper strips. 

It was an awesome shopping trip and an even better afternoon snuggling and reading together!  Or chewing, as Donovan wouldn't let us read the bath book to him without grabbing it to eat. =)  Turns out it squeaks!

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