Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cord Control, Finally!

Cord Control, Finally!

Well, inspired by my friend Abbey’s decision to clean out all her junk one closet at a time, I decided to deal with our television area.  We bought this flat screen tv and a wall mount for it more than a year ago, and I’d been staring at ugly, black, dangling cords ever since.  Plus, I was using a blanket box to hold our dvds, with the vcr on top of that, which meant it was a pain to actually look through our dvds.  This led to huge piles of movies that never got put away.  Here is my former nemesis:

Isn’t that awful?  I just can’t deal with clutter like that.  So I organized.  I sorted all the individual dvds in to black leather cases and threw away piles of the plastic cases.  Then I moved most of them into a bookshelf where it would be easier to look through them.  (I decided to put actual blankets in the blanket box, what a novelty!)  And I finally bought a shelf for the vcr, which has the added benefit that my daughter can’t get to it anymore.  We have a few scratched dvds from her experiments.  And finally, the cord covers!  I ordered this set from Amazon, and painted it to match the walls!  I love the look!  It’s so clean and finished!  I even painted the cords that led from the vcr to the tv so they blend too!  And hey, while I had the paint out, I touched up all the little mistakes from our shelf painting project, and the five or six excess holes caused by a defective studfinder during our tv mounting project.  So a successful day!!!  

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