Monday, January 3, 2011

Valentine's Heart Path

For Valentines last year, when my daughter was just 19 months, we set up a simple, fun surprise for her to wake up to.  I cut out hearts and wrote the names of people that love her on them, like Mama, Daddy, Papa, and so on.  I scattered them going down the stairs and led her on a path to her Valentine's treat, a heart full of Skittles.  We love skittles because they have an S on them for Serenity.  Oh, and they are full of sugar. =)  I was happy to discover she recognized some of the names and was thrilled to find them!

This year, I think I'll do a variation of this.  Maybe find wooden hearts that I can paint the names on so that she can add them to her crazy pink tree.  I'll be sure to post what I decide to do! 

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