Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve Fun with Toddlers!!!

We celebrate New Years Eve "Buenos Aires Style"  which means around 9pm for us.  We located a countdown on the internet, and enjoyed counting down, New Years kisses, and a Happy New Year toast with Sprite and tea party cups.  =)  It was a blast!  We spent the afternoon making silly party hats, and I made a set of poppers like these.  We even skyped with her Grandparents in California so we had more people to enjoy the moment with.  It was a blast, and we will definitely do this again next year!!!

It was easy to do some quick decorating with our silk scarves that we dyed ourselves, plus some party supplies we keep on hand (blowers, and a big rainbow ball that's not pictured)  We pull these things out whenever we decide we need a party, and we always enjoy the fancy details! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I never even thought o tune in to another countdown! We just counted down ourselves and hugged & kissed a lot. Still cool ... but not the real thing. Can't wait for the kids to see an actual countdown next year, Thanks!