Sunday, January 2, 2011

Plans, Plans, and Shopping!

Well, the new year has begun the way I like best, with lots of new ideas, projects and plans!  We've got some major plans underway on our house, and these ideas are starting to settle in a way that's letting me get my sewing machine back out!  Yay!  We're adding another room for another baby!  Well, Eric and I will be in the new room, the baby will be in Serenity's nursery, and Serenity will move to the purple room.  It just made sense as all our baby stuff matches Serenity's current room, and her current tastes lean heavily to pink and purple so with just a little decorating we can make the purple room perfect for her without painting anything, which I'm not allowed to do at the moment. 

The color of our bedroom is really eggplant, which is a little more mature of a purple than I would really have chosen for her, although I love it for myself.  But Mom and I went shopping yesterday to find fabric for a new blankie for Serenity that will brighten it up!  With some lavender or pink curtains, I think it will turn into a great little girl room! 

So here is the result of SEVERAL hours of fabric shopping... lots of pinks and purples!  I asked her earlier what kind of blanket she'd like, and she said purple and monkeys, (although I'm not sure she really understood what I was asking her about, oh well, I love both those things too!)  We ended up with lots of textures!  We have satin, flannel, cotton, and a fuzzy minkee or two.  I'll share more about the quilt pattern later!  The Dora print will be a pillowcase, partially because my pattern works better with more neutral designs, partially so that it's easy to change the minute she outgrows Dora. =)  Don't get me wrong, Dora has some very good qualities.  But I've spent the last few months waking up to various Dora songs stuck in my head, and I think that is the first part of her childhood I won't miss! =) 

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