Saturday, January 8, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking

I am officially a digital scrapbooker now.  My paper scrapbooks were taking up so much space, especially since I have a tendency to scrapbook nearly every picture I take, and believe me, I take a LOT of pictures.  So my current plan is to use digital scrapbooking as sort of a complete journal.  I use it to record all my stories, web updates, and pictures from the year.  This way I feel like nothing gets forgotten.  Even though no one but me will probably ever read the extremely loooong journaling, I love knowing the memories are there!  I still do paper scrapbooking, but I am saving it for more artistic, special pages, and trying to keep it to maybe one scrapbook per five years.  I was doing about a scrapbook a  year, sometimes two!  Anyway, this is leading up to my sharing a little bit of my first new year goal, to catch my scrapbook up to date!  I've done January of last year up to my daughter's birthday in July, so about halfway there! =)  Fortunately all the journaling was already written, which was always the most challenging part.

I've made dozens of photoshop templates using sketches from Becky Higgins and other scrapbook idea books, which makes this SOO easy!

Here are a few favorites...


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