Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In the Jungle

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle… the lion may sleep, although Serenity didn’t.  Today, I asked Serenity if she wanted a game with cars or with the jungle, and she picked jungle.  So while she “napped” (actually while she rolled around in her room singing) I cut out a bunch of leaves, made vines, and covered her princess tent with a green blanket to make a jungle.  When she got up, I gave her a pair of binoculars made from toilet paper rolls to search for jungle animals!  We wandered around, saving monkeys and bears and turtles and bringing them to our jungle!  Eventually, we got to the point that we were saving sheep and ducks, so we got a big red tub to hold the farmyard animals, and put the polar bears and penguins on the stairs.  So we started with the jungle and ended up with a nice little talk about what animals might actually live there. =)  It was a blast, and she loved saving the animals.  (She is addicted to Diego after all =) 

We also tried several games I found on a post at Totally Tots.  Basically we sang the Animals in the Jungle (to the wheels on the bus tune) and then acted out the animals.  The monkeys were by far her favorite, although we had fun walking around like Tigers too. 

Later we did a few jungle art projects.  We decided to color a jungle, and I thought it would be fun to try out the painting the marker with water idea I saw here.  So Serenity colored with greens and browns to make a jungle.  I was surprised at how much she colored, often she just does a line or two and wants to switch to crayons or actual paint.  The water was a bit messy as she ended up pouring instead of painting, but it was interesting to see what it did to the marker. 

She also asked for an elephant to color, so I printed one and she used her Do-A-Dots to finish it. 

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