Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recovered Chairs...

I have a beautiful antique table that was my Grandma Bair's... I love it, but the chairs have fabric cushions and they were a disaster!  I don't know what possessed me to buy fabric with a white background.  Sure, it was four years before I had children, but they were a mess even before Serenity, and a year or so after her, this is what they looked like!

Well, since I'm on a get things finished kick, I finally pulled out the fabric I'd bought to recover the chairs, and something that I hope will work well to keep them from getting nasty too soon... iron-on vinyl!  I bought it by the roll at Jo-Ann's.  It went on very nicely, but I will have to do an update on how well it lasts.  It was only 17 inches wide, which is exactly the width of my chair, which means that the edge of the vinyl didn't tuck all the way under the chair.  So I worry that it'll start to peel.  We did have breakfast on them this morning and the milk and cereal wiped off nicely.  So far so good!  Here's the finished product.


  1. The chairs look awesome! I love the new fabric..Buen trabajo Tia! :)

  2. That is great fabric - love the colors! Nice job.