Monday, February 28, 2011

What we're reading:

Well, this week Serenity is still loving her "I Love You" collection.  It has five stories, I Love You Because You're You, "I Love You, Too," "I Love You Stinky Face," I Love You Through and Through," and "Mama Loves You."  She wants to hear each and every story, and after nearly every page she says, "I love you Mama"  It's so snuggly and sweet to cuddle up in the reading chair with her and this book.  It's really long, and I've read it as many as five times through in one sitting!  I'm wondering if she's realized that picking long books extends story time...

We've also got a great new batch from the library, including "Knuffle Bunny," another by Mo Willems that is just hilarious.  Serenity thinks even the name is funny and often asks, "Mama say Knuffle Bunny!" and giggles.

We're also doing a LOT of reading at  It's just amazing, we hadn't been on there in a few months and Serenity has gone from reading random words in the Learn to Read section to reading whole stories in the I'm Reading area!  It's a blast, although getting her off the computer the last two days has been a serious challenge!


  1. Our favorite book ever is leonardo the terrible monster. Love that Mo Willems

  2. Oooh, thanks Brooke! I'll request that from the library!