Sunday, March 13, 2011

Felt Tree Part Two!

Spring in Serenity’s Garden!
Well, my peach tree started sprouting leaves, so I got busy making leaves for Serenity’s felt tree as well. =)  I attached them with snaps so that we can take them off, exchange them for flowers or fall leaves. 

I cut simple shapes out of a few shades of green felt.  Part of the point of the project is to use up some of my stash so I used what I had =)  Then I pinched each leaf to give them some dimension and stitched them together in groups of five.  Then I sewed snaps on the tree!  Easy as that, we get spring =) I used about 70 leaves.  It could maybe use more but Serenity ran off with it, so I guess it works for her. =)   

To see the instructions for the tree itself, check out Felt Tree Part One!

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