Friday, March 4, 2011

No-Slip Tablecloths

The goal here was to make simple tablecloths to dress up our card tables that wouldn’t slip or get pulled off by the massive number of people that we usually have at our get-togethers.  So I decided to just make a topper the same size as my tables (33 inches square) and sew ribbons into the corners to tie them down to the tables!  I love how they turned out!  The fabric we chose was so pretty I just went with a solid square for each side, but they would be cute quilted or appliquéd or anything!

The process was simple… except for the fact that my Mom chose striped fabric.  I think she did it as a lesson to me.  Making the stripes straight was a challenge and meant I ended up with a half inch seam instead of a full inch, which is what I did on my prototype.  Half an inch is plenty though.  So that means I cut two squares to 34 inches and rounded the corners slightly. 

Then I pinned them right sides together with the ribbons tucked in the middle about an inch and a half from the corner. 

Then I just stitched, turned, and ladder stitched the opening shut.  A little ironing and I was done!  I think they’re cute and Mom likes them so mission accomplished =) Oh, and they're reversible.


  1. Great idea! This is a must as i recently rotary cut into our card table b/c i forgot i didn't have my cutting mat under the fabric! Oops! Your idea will make my card table "company-ready" again.
    I clicked over from 'i heart naptime'. Come check out my blog, too, if you have a minute!
    jamie @ backless shirt

  2. Great! My grandmother has made several similar to these. Really nice.