Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baylor Tutu

Braley’s Baylor tutu =) 

I have a new niece!  I get to go see her soon, and I’m taking her a special Baylor outfit that her Daddy requested.  Evidently sports paraphernalia is expensive.  So I embellished a little onesie I got for four dollars at old navy with a B (for Baylor and Braley) and did a little running stitch with perl cotton. I used the light steam-a-seam and just followed their instructions, using plain old Times New Roman.

For the tutu, I lucked out at Jo-Ann’s and found a dark green and yellow organza already cut on a roll.  I like it because it’s not as scratchy as tulle can be, and it was in the right colors.  It took two full rolls.  I made it just like I did the Ballerina Basket I made Serenity for Halloween, except I used actual elastic.  It’s probably a little long, but since I didn’t have a nine month old to test it on (that’s how old she’ll be at football season =)  I decided he could cut it down if he wanted then.  And I just tied the elastic in the back so the waist can be adjusted too!  Easy peasy! 


  1. Cute - I have a few friends that would be happy to bee a baby Baylor outfit.

  2. Adorable!! Every baby must be in the proper attire for football season!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Hope you get to visit again soon!