Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ballerina Basket

Ballerina Basket

Serenity decided that she wanted to be a ballet girl for Halloween this year (like Isa in Dora’s Costume Party).  That meant that I didn’t have much to do for her costume as she already has two adorable tutus.  But of course I couldn’t let Halloween go by without a little crafting!  So I made her a Ballerina Halloween Bucket to go with her outfit. 

I started with a 1 dollar purple bucket that I found at Michaels, and a roll of 25 yards of pink tulle.  I chained three rubber bands and hooked them to the handles of the bucket, and then tied the tulle onto it just like you do for an actual tutu. (Stick a loop under the rubber band and pull the two ends through)   I tied the knots pretty tight, I think if you leave them a little bit looser it would take less tulle.  I used every bit of that 25 yards. 

I added in some ribbons and sewed on a few flowers to match the headband I made her.  And there it is!  It was very easy!  I’m not sure that Serenity gets it though, when she saw it she wanted to climb in the bucket so she could wear the tutu…    

This would also make a really cute flower girl basket, although I would start with a container that's not so large(maybe cover it with fabric too so it's dressier), and use elastic that I could actually tack down instead of rubber bands. 

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  1. This is such a cute idea...My daughter would love that even though Halloween is over. Very clever!