Thursday, October 21, 2010

DIY Felt Pumpkin Game

I saw this great pumpkin game at thecraftingchicks and immediately had to see if Serenity would like it.  She loves it!  All it took was a little bit of felt from my stash, cut into a pumpkin shape, and then a variety of shapes for eyes, noses and mouths.  Then I made several samples, took pictures of them, and then gave them to Serenity to see if she could duplicate the pictures.  She says "I will decorate this pumpkin!" And she managed to do every one!  It's a great reinforcement for shapes, and a really fun game.  Here are pictures of the pumpkins I made her, and one of her "decorating" her pumpkins. =)  It was a hit, and took me maybe five minutes to make!  You could do it with construction paper or craft foam if you didn't have the felt on hand.