Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Organization Obsession

Organization Obsession!!! 

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, we are having a baby in May!!  I am so excited, and also seriously nesting.  At first, our plan was to try and add on a room, but because the price kept going up and up to the point it didn’t make sense for the price point in our neighborhood, we have a new plan:  Musical Rooms!

1.)    Move the rest of the daybed upstairs to be part of Serenity’s big girl bed.
2.)    Move the tan couch from the green living room to the front living room to make room for…
3.)    Moving the office from the blue bedroom to the green living room!
4.)    This allows the blue bedroom to go back to the Master Bedroom (It feels a little bit strange to be in the big room. =) 
5.)    The purple room we were sleeping in will be Serenity’s Room, and finally:
6.)    The baby gets Serenity’s room because it already matches my nursery stuff. =) 

Whew.  So far I’m loving the moves, I’ll post some of the individual room changes soon!  I've already sorted through most of the closets, taken a huge trip to Goodwill, and now it's time to decorate!

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